How can we help to save the environment?

A Pipeline is broken. Lots of raw oil is wasted. Something which is hidden is the environment pollution. If it is in the desert, it takes time to be detected andsend the repairing forces. This means wild life and the plants around the disaster point are affected and if it is in the see, all the sea creatures nearby are affected.

Engineers have invented instruments like CLAMPS which are covering the problematic point and based on the science of Pressure Vessel, they cover the damaged area to stop the oil wasting. The clamps also change the game. You do not need to shut down the line, cut the defected area and weld the new pipe. Instead using the clamps means: You can solve the problem all off a sudden!

But what happens if you can predict the problem and do not let even one drop of oil to be wasted?? Here in Luminous, we have our own way and philosophy to stop the damage to the environment.

First of all, we do not let the defects in welding, ruin the system by advising the problem in primary stages. So, no need to use deep repair tools and materials. This means less raw material consumption, less fuel to be used, less system shutdown, less workforce to be involved & even no need to recycle!

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