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All the complicated places welding job should be minimized to save time and money and the health risk for the welders. As you see in this photo, the welder has a difficult posture to do his job or in Hyperbaric Welding since many underwater welders work hundreds of feet beneath the surface, they are subjected to dangerous pressure changes. Decompression illness is caused by a reduction in the ambient pressure surrounding the body. This results in two potential health risks: decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism. Some of the most common health and safety risks to you and other underwater welders include: Electric shock due to equipment or electrical failure, ground fault interrupter failure. Explosion due to mixing hydrogen and oxygen in the arc. Decompression sickness caused by too much nitrogen in your blood.

All these health risks plus many technical risks are existing there. So, if we can use a method to do less complicated welding operation, this is good for both our human source and also our pocket!

Using our product, a welder can leave the place after he gets sure about the quality of welding just in time. This is a great help for all the stakeholders including the worker himself.

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