What is TEST and its main types?

The very early humans learnt how to test their devices invented from wood and stones to keep their life safe when they encounter a danger like a predator dinosaur and along the history TEST showed its effect in different cases.
There are two test types in the world. Either you destroy something to test it or you find a way to test it while still it is useable. For sure, non-destructive testing has benefits. At least, you do not lose the device itself!

Timely inspection of the joints pipeline, especially welded joints, guarantee safety and quality of the pipeline and reduce hazardous and other dangerous problem for humans and the environment. These regular inspections are carried out by Non-destructive Testing (NDT) techniques. Non-destructive testing permits us to examine structures, materials, or components without damaging or destroying the object being tested and provides a means to guarantee product reliability and quality.

NDT nowadays, are a must in some industries like: Health, Space, Aeronautics, Shipping and Sailing, and many more among which the pipelines are also exist. That is true because we have all heard what a tremendous disasters have happened in the previous years like those in Mexico Gulf. A mistake and unfortunately not inspected one, ended up with a huge explosion wasting lot of investment and endangering the Wild Life of the environment, too.

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